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“The best thing I like Black Force is not only the hard training but they treat you like family! The gym is always clean, and organized. The trainers know exactly what the are talking about, and give you one on one personal attention in every class! Black Force MMA is great for anyone looking to lose weight, stay in shape or fight! Black Force has it all! So stop laying on the couch and get in to Black Force MMA today!” – Jose B.

“Black Force MMA in my eyes is nothing but hard work, training, and holds a very strong companionship! Every time I come ion I’m greeted with hello and an ass kicking workout! The gym is like a second family to me! Black Force MMA has everything you need from a weight room with brand new equipment to great knowledgeable instructors! Black Force is a great escape from everyday life where I can come in and workout and release stress and distractions while training to be a great fighter! Black Force is not like any other gym, when you join you actually feel like it is “YOUR GYM.” – Anthony B.

“I started training at Black Force MMA not knowing any type of martial arts, and I was getting picked on at school a lot! I have been at Black Force for about 5 months now and I have competed in BJJ tournaments, and I plan on fighting in the future. I now have the confidence in myself and I have a new out look on life when someone is trying to bully me. the trainers are great and knowledgeable on every aspect of the fight game. the classes range from Jiu-jit-su, Boxing, Muay Thai, Sambo, Catch wrestling, Yoga, and self defense- so stop by and sign up today!” – Eduardo B.

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