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The CHAMP is HERE!!!

After taking several years off to join the military our instructor still had the itch to compete… Or shall we say he had A LOT to prove. Well Back in October 2014, he took to the mats one last time to compete in the men’s expert black belt division and won 1st place proving he still had what it takes to compete. Decker has trained under Grand Master Kevin “Huujin” Cullen, and recently trained with his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor Mr. Shawn Chitwood from also, Relson Gracie’s 21st American Black Belt student. Decker definitely has the NO-QUIT, NEVER GIVE UP attitude. Proving he is still a force to be reckoned with.

Men's Champion in the Expert Black Belt Division 2014 NAGA

Men’s Champion in the Expert Black Belt Division 2014 NAGA

Double NAGA Champion

Black Force’s own Nina Goode wins Gold at NAGA in both Gi and no-Gi divisions.

We are bringing the family back into Martial Arts: men, women, kids all safely training in a family friendly atmosphere. Nina has become one of the top young up and coming grapplers in the South East and is one of our many success stories. We are proud of her and glad she is a part of our family here at Black Force.




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