Jeff Monson Endorses Blackforce MMA

“There are not many MMA gyms that I personally endorse, but I would like to share a personal experience that motivated me to write this testimonial…

I recently did a MMA/Grappling seminar for Black Force MMA Academy in Summerville, SC.  This was one of the most positive experiences I’ve had teaching since I’ve been conducting seminars.  The students ranging from beginners to current MMA fighters were extremely enthusiastic and made me feel like a superstar for teaching them.

Dwight and the staff have done an excellent job encouraging hard work and improvement.  I felt so confident with the discipline of the students that after the seminar I used them to help me in my upcoming fight. I couldn’t ask more from a MMA gym.”

~ Jeff “The Snowman” Monson
November 12th , 2011

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