Eye of The Tiger

In your quest for good health and a fit body, you might have tried or considered many options. There are more health and fitness options available today than there ever have been. Unfortunately, that is part of the problem–there are too many to choose from. And let’s be honest, most of the options are not that interesting. There is nothing more tedious, for example, than going to a gym and performing repetitive weight lifting motions followed by a monotonous turn on the treadmill. You want to be fit like a tiger, so why are you training like a hamster? The answer is simple: there is no reason to train like hamster. Train like a tiger. Be a tiger. Mixed martial arts, or MMA, is the answer.

Combining the most effective parts of the world’s most powerful martial arts styles, MMA has emerged and continues to evolve as the most fluid and effective fighting style in history. And like many previous forms of martial arts, MMA training provides total body fitness, mental discipline, and supreme confidence. Wrestling and grappling will provide cardiovascular health, both in the form of endurance and explosive energy. Flexibility and balance improve daily with each session of the rigorous and dynamic training that mixed martial arts requires. Practicing strikes and going toe to toe with your training partners will increase your muscular and strength and endurance in a real and practical way. You will come away from every session of training feeling focused and empowered and healthy. You will become the tiger.

Other forms of martial arts, although they do provide many benefits, fall short of the total picture that mixed martial arts training provides. Focusing on specific training like Krav Maga or karate will improve certain aspects of your life, but will ultimately not access all of the parts of your mind and body that MMA touches. Also, real-world trials have shown that there is not a single fighting form ever developed that can stand up against a well-rounded mixed martial artist. Period. Become healthier than you have ever been, and achieve your potential as a powerful beast. Study mixed martial arts.

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