BlackForce’s Booth working toward next fight

SUMMERVILLE – Chad Booth doesn’t look it and his personality doesn’t suggest it.

Instead it is his taste in workout music that tips the hand that Booth isn’t the youngest guy in the gym at Black Force Mixed Martial Arts. Just before picking up a jump rope and starting off the first morning of 2011 with a workout at the gym, Booth cued up his personal workout CD.

The first song – straight off the soundtrack from the 1992 Cuba Gooding Jr. flick, “Gladiator,” – Cheap Trick’s “I Will Survive.”

“Come on man, what movie is this from?” Booth said, skipping rope with a wide smile.

When no answer was provided, Booth asked again, and finally, shaking his head and smiling even wider he revealed the answer.

“Gladiator,” he said. “Come on!That’s my favorite movie.”

Few of the fighters that walk through the door at Black Force will claim a movie from 1992 as their favorite. That is because most of those fighters were still in diapers, or fresh out of them, in 1992. Booth however, is 35, a boxing transplant, Naval Chief of Arms and father of five.

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