What makes us different from other Academies?

Black Force MMA & Fitness Academy has been awarded the BEST MMA Academy in low country for the past 2 years 2015 & 2016!  We are truly honored by this award! BUT, we couldn’t have done it with out our clients (past & present.)  We value how we teach our programs to our clients.  We give them the purest, most direct line of originality of the arts straight to the students.

Our lineage runs deep… Mr. Dwight Decker’s background in the arts stems from over 20 years of training and studying the arts.  See Our Instructors page for more details.

Japanese Ju-Jitsu – Considered to be the “gentle art” and taught in many schools of unarmed and hand-to-hand combat. This grappling style’s main focus is to help unarmed soldiers (Samurai)  fight against armed enemies in any way possible, and to not use all the grappler’s energy. Ju-Jitsu was the primary unarmed combat method of the Samurai. The grappler’s main intention is to use the minimum amount of energy for the maximum amount of pain. Our Head instructor Dwight Decker has a Black Belt in Japanese Ju-Jitsu, Ateru Karate, & Ateru Special Forces Hand-2-Hand combat Karate directly under Kevin “Huunjin” Cullen who is the founder of www.martialartsstudies.com.  Mr. Decker sits on the Ateru Goju board of directors along side of Mr. Cullen.

Mr. Cullen has dedicated his life to the study and instruction of traditional Japanese fighting arts and has been involved in the Goju Karate since 1973. Mr. Cullen was a member of N. Gosei Yamaguchi’s organization for 13 years and traveled to the Castro Hombu to take part in 1 and 2 week long intensive gasshukus with and received his black belt in Goju from Gosei Yamaguchi (Son of the Cat Gogen). He also trained for 13 years with Motoo Yamakura, past all Japan kumite champion. Mr. Cullen has aided his training by participated in seminar with many Naha and Shuri Te masters over the decades including Hidetaka Nishiyama, Taika Oyata, Stan Hart, George Alexander in Shuri-Te, White Crane Kempo and many more.

Wrestling – Extends back over 15,000 years ago, and has been used in Roman games and Olympics through out time to test a man or woman’s true ability and strength. Here at Black Force MMA Academy we continue this great tradition, by having ALL- American wrestlers teach and instruct our classes. Boxing – Has dated back over 1,500 years ago and is one of the most popular arts even today. With boxing being the roots of the Low country we have a surplus of popular instructors who have boxed on many stages both professional and amateur.

MMAFit® – No-nonsense functional fitness. Our mission is to push participants to reach their full potential through the same intense program Mixed Martial Artists use to win! Challenge yourself with a safe, no contact workout that is fast, fun and effective. Nothing beats MMAFit!

Boxing– Also known as the SWEET Science, well our instructor has over 100 boxing matches under his belt and has numerous titles.  We cover footwork, fundamentals, combinations, and technique.  Also, we train with LIVE people, NOT just hitting a heavy bag.  We do this to prepare you for REALITY, when has a bag EVER attacked anyone? So, why hit on one? We teach you the proper footwork and combinations to use during a live session. Our Head boxing instructor is the 2006 Ringside World Title Holder Mr. Charlie Fitzsimmons aka THE CHAMP! Come in and take his classes and learn from the BEST boxer in the low country!

Kickboxing– Whether you are looking to trim down, or compete our kickboxing class is where you need to be! Our own instructor has been taught to be the BEST in the world in kick-boxing! Guys like Brutal Johnny Bedford, Ryan “The LION” Madigan who have fought in the UFC, Madison Square Garden etc… We know what we are doing! Come check us out today! We let our classes speak for themselves. Lose weight now & feel OUTSTANDING!

CARDIO-KICKBOXING: NO CONTACT- We teach you the fundamentals of kickboxing in a 45 minute workout to make you sweat and burn those extra calories away. Join our LOCAL clients who have lost over 1,000lbs!!

Muay Thai– Extended into the States our Thai instructor has trained at the FAIRTEX Academy in Thailand, trained in Holland, oh and did we mention he was a sniper in the USMC? Yeah he has been there down that & bought the T-shirt!   Come learn one of the fastest growing striking arts in the industry.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu– Otherwise known as Gracie Jiu-Jitsu thanks to the booming popularity in the UFC.  Our instructors have learned and competed all over the country and on many different levels of competition. We have recently joined www.TEAMCHITWOOD.com and Shawn Chitwood’s affiliation.  Mr. Chitwood is a Relson Graice Black Belt (one of the first American Black Belts.) Shawn is the CEO & Instructor of TEAM CHITWOOD. his credentials are as follows:

5th Degree Black Belt – Combat Jujitsu
3rd Degree Black Belt Instructor – Gracie Jiu jitsu
2nd Degree Black Belt – Judo
1st Degree Black Belt – Karate
1st Degree Black Belt – Tae Kwon Do
Brown Belt – Aikido
1998 World Champion with Team USA
1997-1998 United States Sport Jujitsu Team
Two-time National Tae Kwon Do Champion
State, Reg. & Nat’l. Sport Jujitsu Champion
One of the first American Gracie BJJ Black Belts

Dwight Decker has been training with Mr. Chitwood since 1997 to the present.  “Shawn is the best BJJ practitioner I have ever had the honor of being taught by…” “He has the purest flow in BJJ and is completely professional through out his instruction.’  -Dwight Decker

Close-Quarter-Combat– (Summer classes only, 4 weeks $150.00) Learn from a Miami-Dade SWAT certified, Military Force Protection/ Anti-Terrorism arms expert.  We cover how to clear rooms, fundamental footwork, tactical movements, scan & assess hostile situations, TEAM-work, and much more.  We use actual CLEAR & SAFE weapons during this class. Call today and reserve your spot (419)957-4741.

MMA– Mixed Martial Arts class learn from one of the best who has been fighting since 2000, and has fought up and down the east coast.  Our instructor has been on PPV 2 times and has trained some of the best & biggest names in the business today!

Stop in today and check out ALL the classes we offer for one low price! Our classes & family atmosphere speaks for itself.

All of these classes for one monthly rate!

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